Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Razor clams

Finally, razor clams are getting the respect they deserve. Today's New York Times has an article on the elongated shellfish which has been so cruelly neglected right up to this very moment. I was surprised to find that they have them in Massachusetts, where I have been living for almost fifteen years since coming back from Italy. Reportedly, Duxbury Bay to the south of Boston is replete with them. Who knew? They must have been hiding them from me.

I had them in Italy (where they are not common, either). In Venice they are called capelonghe (cah-peh-LOAN-gay), elsewhere in Italy they are known as cannolicchi (cahn-noh-LEEK-kee). I did have them in the shell, simply prepared in Venice. Recommended for the real seafood lover.

If I can find out where they've cleverly concealed the Massachusetts razor clams in the Boston area, I'll make them and post the recipe.