Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Colin Firth speaks Italian

British actor Colin Firth is quite the man now, what with his Oscar nomination for The King's Speech. In it he plays King George VI (father of Queen Elizabeth II) who overcame a speech defect to become leader of his country during the war; with Churchill, of course.

But the real life Colin has no such linguistic problems. Listen to him speak Italian fluently in this interview, complete with hand gestures, as if he were a real italiano. He speaks with a distinct British accent- that isn't too heavy, though. While fluent, his fluency is much less than his fluency in English, and he makes the usual small mistakes of many foreign speakers (wrong gender agreement, wrong prepositions). All in all, his Italian is more than adequate. The talented (and cute) actor has been married a good many years to a lovely Italian woman, Livia.