Thursday, April 30, 2015

Expo Milano 2015

Tomorrow, Friday May 1st, the Expo held in Milan will open. This is a World's Fair and will continue for six months, till the beginning of October. Its theme will be food, both in the context of gastronomy and sustainability.

Predictably, there have already been protesters, mostly maintaining that this is a giant sell-out and is about business and development and not about its purported theme. Which takes me back to the late 80's, when I still lived In Italy (Padova) and some Italians were trying to promote the idea of an Expo in Venice. This ultimately failed, to my relief.

Well, Milan is no Venice, but the possibility, even probability, that this is money-driven remains. But this doesn't mean there won't plenty of interesting events. As I'll probably be in Italy, and Milan is my mother's hometown, it's likely I'll partake in some of the activities.

More about this later, as a lot will be be going on. Take a look yourself at their site.