Sunday, April 26, 2015

3D pasta. Yes, 3D pasta.

Maybe I'm a little slow on the draw, but I just now became aware of the existence of 3D pasta. If you do not know what 3D printing is, get up to speed by reading this page.

Barilla, the giant pasta and pastry manufacturer, commissioned a 3D pasta shape contest. The winners can be seen at this page. My initial reaction is that this is a gimmick, but one of them did strike my fancy. It's called lune (moons), shown below.

What I ask myself, of course, is how well these computer-generated shapes will hold up in actual cooking e.g. take to sauce, lend themselves to various cooking techniques etc. I also think that it might be a good idea if someone were to catalogue the enormous variety of pasta shapes that have been generated by humans over the centuries. And preserve the rapidly-disappearing oral tradition of Italian regional home cooking.

Barilla actually is looking into the possibility of equipping restaurants with 3D printers. Should be interesting.