Thursday, April 19, 2012

D La Repubblica

The Italian daily La Repubblica, which I have been reading for decades, has an insert for women called D (for donna). It is also present on the online version, here. I just discovered today that it has an English-language version, which you can find here. I'm not sure yet what the relation between the two is, but it's likely that the English version is translated or at least adapted from the Italian. In which case it would facilitate your Italian reading practice.

It's done well and I can recommend it. Most of it will be of interest to women, but there are some things for everyone (travel, food and wine- they have a special feature on eggs right now)(the Italians have taken to calling food "food"- I wish they'd stop). There's also a blog on yoga called Yogaholic, if you want to check out the yoga scene in Italy, which is alive and well. Plenty on clothes and beauty and bambini, natch.

My favorite Italian women's magazine, however, is the more practical and down-to-earth Donna Moderna, which can be found online here.