Sunday, April 17, 2011

New York Times article on Milan

Milan, my mother's hometown, is unfairly neglected by tourists. I have always liked it, perhaps for sentimental reasons (doesn't that sound funny? sentimental about Milan? the heart has reasons that reason cannot know, said Pascal.) I have two motives for providing a link to this New York Times article.

First, the good news. I linked to the article because it contains info on shopping that I don't have, as I am uninterested in buying, generally, being a semi-Thoreauvian person myself (that sounds even funnier: a semi-Thoreauvian person who likes Milan). But as I know that many who go to Italy, and Milan in particular, have this as one of their aims, I decided graciously to clue you in.

Now, the bad news. This is The New York Times, folks. Main photo at the beginning: Duomo. Caption: "the city's main cathedral." Italian cities only have one cathedral (if they have one), as a cathedral in Catholicism is the church that is the bishop's seat. Why is someone who doesn't know this writing an article on Italy in one of the world's foremost publications, in the "Europe issue," no less? The Times very recently made their online version by subscripton (you can read up to twenty articles a month free). While I'll miss reading to my little heart's content what they have to say, I am not subscribing. They (and other newspapers) are not indispensable.

Well, having got that off my chest, I think I may write a post on Milan soon.

(In the photo, yummy and elegant stuff from Peck. Gnam gnam gnam gnam)