Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This restaurant has gained a prominent place in the San Pellegrino list of the best restaurants in the world (Noma in Copenhagen was number one). Although I'm skeptical of this list and of restaurant ratings in general, it did pique my curiosity. I've never been there, so I'll turn you over to one Matthew Fort of The Guardian who talks with chef Davide Scabin and enthusiastically tastes the innovative chow. See the video here. Matthew certainly looks sincere and seems to be greatly enjoying himself. Notice also the amusing way he pronounces "oregano" (oh-reh-GAH-noh).

For many pics of the restaurant by a local (it is in the Turin area), see this blog post. One of the commenters explains the mystery of the obscure name: combal in the dialect of Piemonte is a hollow (where his first restaurant was) and the zero is for azzerare, set to zero, reset i.e. starting over.