Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guerrino makes sole with capers and raisins

We already met the charming and modest Guerrino in a former post. I'm a fan of his, he's a sort of anti-celebrity chef.

Let's cook along with Guerrino in one of his hallmark simple recipes. I'll help you out with Italian words and phrases- he's a talented guy, but he is not known for his perfect enunciation.

Surgelati- frozen. You can either use sole fillets or, as in his case, frozen (European) plaice (platessa,) another flatfish.

Abbondante- the oil (olive oil of course) is described as un po' abbondante- a rather generous amount. The oil must be quite hot.

Farina- flour. He dredges the fish in flour.

Sale- salt. He adds salt.

Girare- turn. He says they should be turned only once as they are delicate and should not fall apart.

Una noce di burro- a common expression in Italian recipes. Literally, a nut (-sized amount of) butter. About a tablespoonful. He adds this to the fish after draining the excess oil.

Capperi, uvetta- he adds approximately equal amounts of capers and raisins.

Bagnare- literally, to wet. He douses the fish with some white wine.

Un goccio- literally, a drop. A small amount of liquid (here, the white wine.)

Scivolare- to slide. He carefully slides the fish to the plate to avoid breaking it up.