Monday, March 22, 2010

La Repubblica messes up on healthcare bill

Every morning when I get up, I read La Repubblica, Il Corriere and The New York Times online. In that order. Being a progressive veggie, I was up last night following the healthcare vote with baited breath. Massive relief at its passage.

So this morning when I got up I put my HP netbook on my tummy as usual and was informed by La Repubblica that the bill had passed the House and was now headed for the Senate. With this headline: "Questo รจ il vero cambiamento. Passa la riforma sanitaria di Obama. Ora tocca al Senato."

Whoa podner, the bill has already gone through the Senate and is now headed to Obama. (When I checked my e-mail, I got one from him saying "Thank you, Cynthia"- Thank YOU, Barry.)

None of the dozens of commenters picked up on this, including the ones living in the US. Makes you wonder. They don't even have to have this knowledge, all they have to do is read the NYT or the Washington Post. So much for the future of newspapers. Another problem for Sherlock- The Case of the dumb newspaper editor.