Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sorrentino, Il Divo

Feeling lazy, so I'll just copy and paste my own Netflix review of the movie, which is not recommended. At all.

Will somebody please tell me what the hell is wrong with contemporary Italian cinema? How come the Danes and the Koreans are making better movies than the Italians? When I think of The Bicycle Thief or Umberto D and then I see things like this I just want to break down and cry. What is bizarre (among many other things) is that the subject matter is eminently compelling: the life and times of Giulio Andreotti, by far the most important politician in Italy in the post-War period. His story is essential to understanding Italy as it really is. Some reviewers here have charitably suggested that one would benefit from a background knowledge of the matter. Not so. I know all about this stuff (unfortunately). This movie is a mess. Or if I may paraphrase the title of one of Ebert's books: Sorrentino, your movie sucks. I gave it two stars only because of the undoubted technical proficiency in filmmaking. The exact opposite of the neo-Realists. They made great films with small means. Sorrentino has made a small film with great means.