Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Andrea "Papero" Moraldi- the real Italy

One of the purposes of this little blog from its very beginning has been to try to present the real Italy to infatuated but wildly unrealistic non-Italians.

And here's a man who's just made to order for this purpose. You Tube star Andrea Moraldi, also known as Papero (duck). A comic genius from Rome who presents contemporary Italy as it really is. Here's one of my favorite videos, in which our hero is stuck on the freeway from six to midnight, wonders if his zio Michele (uncle Michael) wasn't better than GPS, finally declares a truce with the arrogant BMW driver who invites him over for penne al ragu' in his car, then calls his wife on his cell to tell her he's dining out. It's a parody of an Andrea Bocelli song.

I've seen every last one of his videos. They're a real chronicle of modern-day Italy, with the protagonist being harassed by Facebook ("I hope your motherboard burns"), traffic cops when he's hungover, diets, bills to pay, relationship disaster, and other tragedies too numerous to mention. No wonder the Romans have survived for thousands of years!