Friday, May 29, 2009

Word of the week- il food

Yes, one of the more recent additions to the language of Dante is il food. Another one is il wine.

The French, we know, like to go out of their way to avoid English in their language, whereas the Italians have gone the whole hog. For example, both the French and the Spanish have their own versions of the word "computer" (respectively, ordinateur and computadora/ordenador.) Back in the day, the word elaboratore (elettronico) was proposed in Italian, but never caught on.

Find it hard to believe that Italians need English to refer to food and wine? No less a source than the well-established foodie publication Il Gambero Rosso indulges in this usage. Along with the major weekly L'Espresso. A yearly food fair in Milan is called TuttoFood.

I find that these are blatant examples of la vulgarity and la pretentiousness.