Friday, May 29, 2009

Italian food blogs- Misya

As you can imagine, I come upon a bodacious number of Italian stuff on the Internet. Of the sites I see, many of the Italian ones naturally have to do with their number one interest in life (which coincides with my number one interest). That is, food, or as they now say in Italy, il food.

One I found just yesterday and bookmarked is called Misya. It is run by a talented young woman from Naples who maintains that she couldn't cook until fairly recently. But now she's cookin' and bloggin' to beat the band.

What I like about her approach to recipes is that it is just right in terms of difficulty and balance. Nothing too banal and obvious, but none of the things you see in publications that no one is actually likely to ever make. Her most recent endeavors as of this writing are a seafood salad and a strawberry tiramisu. She has the patience to take pictures at each step.

Unfortunately, the site is all in Italian. I believe there is an automatic translation feature, but these are usually more trouble than help. If you know any Italian at all, give it a try with a good dictionary. The grammar of recipedom is obviously simple.