Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Word(s) of the week- boh and mah

It may have taken me awhile, but I have finally come to the conclusion that the world is incomprehensible.

In view of this, I think it is important for you to master two Italian exclamations expressing ignorance and perplexity. The first is the ever-popular "boh?!" (conveying the idea that you have no idea and perhaps should not have been asked the question in the first place). The second is the much less rude "mah!" (expressing the fact that you do not know and probably never will). The singer Zucchero, back in the day, immortalized the former word in the memorable song: Nietzsche che dice? Boh! Nietzsche che dice? Boh boh!! (What does Nietzsche say? Boh!- it rhymes in Italian). The Eggplant, however, knows what Nietzsche said, having been a philosophy student. German philosophy is a lot easier than the actual world.

Here is a little surreal dialogue to fix these important terms in your mind.

Dialoghetto surreale

-Hai visto che Obama ha un nuovo cane? Come si chiama?
-Ma non abiti in America tu? Non lo sai? Il presidente abita anche con la suocera alla Casa Bianca. La chiama "mamma" ?
-La chiama "ma"! Mi sembra poco rispettoso! Certo che sei un tipo strano! Mah! Boh!

(Chi e' nella foto? Bo!)