Friday, April 24, 2009

Got strawberries? Make risotto

Tuesday I bought two pounds (about one kilo) of strawberries on sale. That is a bodacious amount, so yesterday I made strawberry risotto for lunch. It was scrumptious.

Now. I'm not going to give you the minute by minute recipe, because that's not how I cook. Also, you should probably not be making this if you don't already know how to make risotto. I used onions (fewer than usual- shallots would also be good, perhaps better), generous butter (not oil), Arborio rice (Carnaroli would give a refined touch), dry white wine (must have), chicken broth (vegetable would work) and, as opposed to other recipes I've seen, herbs- my beloved flat-leaf parsley and even a pinch of dry thyme. Followed by generous Parmesan. I do not see this as a sweet dish, much less a dessert. It was yummy and lovely- a sort of mauve pink.

For risotto tips, see this.

(Above, a scene from Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries, which is even better than risotto)