Thursday, March 26, 2009

European Union strikes again- at rose' wines

After having legalized wonky vegetables with regulations longer than our Constitution, the European Union has decided to direct its attention to another pressing matter. Against the protests of France and Italy, it has proposed that blends of red and white wine can be passed off as rose' wine. The final vote is in May and it seems likely to pass.

Spring is in the air even here in Boston (which is saying something), and a young eggplant's fancy turns to its well-beloved rose' (in Italian also called rosato). And many of its best-loved rose' wines come from the Med. The real rose' and the blends will be distinguished by calling the former "traditional rose'." This still remains a bad idea- just as people were starting to overcome their unjust prejudices against the lovely pink wines, we will be submerged by inferior blends.

Alas! And if the reg passes, be sure to look for the new labelling to get the good stuff.

Addendum, 6/09- lovers of true rose' have triumphed. The EU has backtracked on its folly and scrapped its plan.