Friday, February 13, 2009

Marco Masini is in the dump(s)

Popular (very popular) Tuscan singer Marco Masini is someone who, to use an Italian expression, non ha peli sulla lingua. Literally, he has no hairs on his tongue- he is very outspoken. Or perhaps I should say outsungen (yuk yuk yuk).

Next week he's headed to the yearly Sanremo pop music festival, not for the first time. He will bring a song called L'Italia, which will be performed in Florence's city dump, Case Passerini. Marco is making a video of the song, performed with piano accompaniment in said waste disposal facility, as shown in the photo. I don't think I need to explain the symbolism to you.

Here's a preview of some of the lyrics: ‘‘Un Paese l'Italia dove tutto va male... Dove governano loro… Dove un muro divide a metà… Un Paese l'Italia di ragazze stuprate… Dove tutto finisce così… È un Paese l'Italia che ci ha rotto i coglioni...'' Or, "a country, Italy, where everything is going wrong... where they are the ones to govern... where a wall splits us in half... a country, Italy, of raped girls... where this is how everything ends up... Italy is a country which has broken our balls".

I wish I could say that Marco is being sensationalistic, but I can't. The most beautiful country in the world is also one of the ugliest.

I'll try to obtain the clip when it becomes available and provide complete lyrics.