Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The subjunctive in Italian, part II

Part I is here.

The Italian subjunctive (unfortunately) is not used only in subordinate clauses after certain verbs, as we saw previously. It is also necessary after a great many phrases expressing these meanings:

  • although (sebbene, benche', nonostante, malgrado). Nonostante sia gia' nonna, si veste da ragazzina. Although she's already a grandmother, she dresses like a young girl.

  • as long as/provided that (a condizione che, a patto che, purche', sempre che). Ti vorro' sempre bene a patto che tu mi dia tutti i tuoi soldi. I'll always love you as long as you give me all your money.

  • unless (a meno che non, eccetto che non, tranne che non). Potra' venire a casa mia a meno che non abbia la peste. He can come to my house as long as he doesn't have the plague.

  • so that (affinche', perche'). Tengo questo blog perche' la gente conosca meglio l'Italia. I keep this blog so that people can get to know Italy better.

And that's not all. To be continued.