Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Galbani, yet another food scandal

In the last year or so, there have been a number of food scandals in Italy, of which the most notable ones have been documented in this site. Including the mozzarella di bufala uproar in the Campania region (of which Naples is the capital).

Now, as reported by the Rome daily La Repubblica, the cheese producer, active since 1882, is being investigated by two district attorneys' offices and has even had internal whistleblowers come to the fore. As whistleblowing is relatively rare in Italy, I would give credence to these reports of adulteration. It is alleged that for years the firm (producer of the popular Bel Paese) removed sell-by dates and recycled various unsavory materials in its production process. Egidio Galbani Spa is attempting to defend itself on its site and denies the allegations in no uncertain terms (well, the English is very uncertain, but you know what I mean). They are even threatening legal action.

Alas, the Eggplant fondly remembers the days of its childhood, partly spent in the Bel Paese from which the cheese gets its name. Commercials were actually fun then, and kiddies used to clamor to stay up to watch them at nine in the evening. After all these years and miles, I still remember their slogan- Galbani vuol dire fiducia. Galbani means trust.