Wednesday, July 2, 2008

54th Puccini Festival

The 54th annual Puccini Festival is on until August 16th, with locations in the Lucca area of Tuscany.

This year's big news is the opening of the new theater on the artist's beloved Lake Massaciuccoli (mahssah-CHOOK-koh-lee). The program includes Turandot, Tosca, Madama Butterfly, and Edgar (never heard of that one, but then, I'm not an opera person). Here is the festival's site, from which tickets can be purchased. At least in theory.

Those of you who are (incomprehensibly to me) big opera fans, might combine visits to this event and the opera season at the Arena in Verona. Both areas are among the most interesting in Italy- Lucca and Verona are lovely themselves, and their surroundings are of great interest. You could go swimming at the nearby beaches (Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi for Lucca, or Lake Garda for Verona). The two towns are about three-four hours apart, and are divided by the region of Emilia (of which Bologna is the capital). Mighty fine eatin' in Emilia.