Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Via Michelin- the new Michelin guides site

The Michelin people have recently revamped their site. Alas, the old site was not well-designed or user friendly, and this one isn't either. Personally I think the Michelin symbol (which the Italians call the "omino Michelin"-little Michelin man) is spending waaaay too much time eating and drinking, and neglecting his Web development skills. It's time for him to lose some of those famous rolls and get serious about the Internet.

The new site is Web 2.0. It features a personalized MyVia Michelin for those who register. It will have members' travel diaries and comments about locales, hotels, and restaurants. But the real news is that the Michelin ratings and familiar symbols are now included, free of charge. Not that it will be particularly easy to find them. You can't just type in the name of the hotel or restaurant you're looking for. Nor can you find things, say, under "Venice." You have to use the Italian name.

The Michelin man should be doing all this himself. He needs to be more active and eat less. Perhaps he could ask the Pillsbury Dough boy to be his diet buddy.