Sunday, June 22, 2008

Piadine romagnole

Summertime, and the living is easy.

Many (and I mean many) Italians (but very few Americans) have had summer vacations along the upper-middle Adriatic, that is, the East Coast of Italy (south of Venice). Two of my aunts had businesses in the area for a good while: one, a restaurant in Cattolica, and another, a caffe' in nearby Gradara. The countless seaside resorts are known for their low-cost pensioni, which propose unbelievable room and board offerings. And what board!

One of the things I remember from my brief stay in the area is the piadina. This is bodaciously similar to a tortilla. In fact, the Eggplant has no intention, ever, of making these from scratch. I buy my tortillas, and even use them as crespelle (Italian crepes-sweet or savory). I heat them up in a pan (both sides, a few minutes). But if you masochistically aspire to making them, here's how.

The tasty and cheap piadine that I remember were bought as street food and eaten as wraps, and just like tortillas, often featured fried peppers, onions, and meat (I seem to remember sausage, but I'm not sure). Get creative this summer and stuff them with all sorts of combinations of Italian goodies.