Saturday, November 17, 2007

Trattoria alla Madonna, Venice

Finding a good, moderately-priced restaurant in Venice, especially in the most heavily-touristed areas, is no easy feat. It has become a cliche' among Italians that "a Venezia non si mangia bene." (one does not eat well in Venice).

Here is an old standby, patronized by both Italians and furriners. Adding to its attractiveness is its position just off the Bridge of Rialto, but on the side opposite St. Mark's (the area, or sestiere, is known as San Polo).

As they say in their site , they have good fresh ingredients at hand due to their proximity to the fish and produce markets. While the cuisine is not particularly inspired or creative, it is a reliable choice for real Venetian food in an authentic atmosphere, with competent and friendly service.
Note: the shellfish shown on the home page is a granceola. Yum.