Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Italian grammar site

There are plenty of free resources on learning Italian on the Web. But precisely because they are free, many of them are either limited, uneven, or even flawed. And this might include those published by educational institutions. If a language learning tool on the Internet is perfect, exhaustive and professionally designed, it is likely to come at a cost.

Here is a guide to Italian grammar which is written in the form of a blog. It is called Italian language lessons, but is actually almost entirely about grammar. It is kept by an American who knows Italian well, but sometimes makes minor mistakes. But as the lessons are in blog form, readers (including native speakers) can leave comments pointing out the mistakes, so that the author has feedback about these. On the whole, it is reliable and useful.

Its main drawback is that the lessons are not in the order in which one should learn them e.g. the alphabet is lesson 52. You should therefore either work with another grammar or a text which will indicate to you what your priorities should be in learning topics.