Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bed and breakfasts in Italy

The euro is at an all-time high against the dollar as of this writing. But there are still ways to go to Italy and spend less.

One of these is represented by the hotel or even pensione alternative, the bed and breakfast. Yes, the Italians actually call them by their English name (as it is an imported British tradition).

The boom in the offer of B&bs in Italy has been fuelled by the Internet, which makes it easy for homeowners to go directly to the source with their own little (or sometimes fancy) Website. So that you can start your Internet search for a B&b by typing in the exact phrase plus your chosen locale. Many if not most of the sites will have an English language version, marked by a small British flag. Often the translation is amusing but understandable, and almost a guarantee that this is indeed just a family renting space and not a real business.

To facilitate matters further, there is an official Web guide to Italian bed and breakfasts. You can search either on a map or by town/region. Price information and pictures are included, along with the Web address. Be advised that many of these facilities are not in the center of major cities, so that you must factor in transportation and its availability and cost.

In the photo, the Agresta bed and breakfast in Saturnia, in Tuscany.