Friday, February 17, 2017

Barilla Pronto pasta- a review

I finally got around to trying this. The concept, which is appealing, is to avoid the boiling and draining that goes into making pasta. Is this as good as your regularly-prepared pasta? I'll cut to the chase. The answer is no. My skepticism is strengthened by the fact that this type of pasta was not introduced to the Italian market.

Various formats are available, including half-length spaghetti (already questionable), linguine, angel hair and penne. I tried the spaghetti. The raw pasta is cooked in a pan. It is covered with cold water and stirred until the water is absorbed. This is actually not a new technique, it is called pasta risottata, that is, pasta that is made the way risotto is made- normal pasta is used. I tried this years ago (see the post here) and I didn't like it then either.

In all fairness, I only tried it twice, and it probably takes some getting used to. It might be especially useful if you make small portions and are in a hurry. But I don't intend to buy it again.