Monday, August 8, 2016

Sports vocabulary

Many of us are following the Olympics, in which the Italians are doing well even as I write. They often do well in the Olympics. So let's take a little look at the names of some basic sports terms in Italian. In no particular order... although my favorite sport just happens to come first.

Nuoto. Swimming.

Staffetta. Relay.

Stile libero, rana, farfalla/delfino, dorso. Freestyle, breaststroke (literally frog), butterfly, backstroke.

Tuffi. Diving.

Atletica. Track and field.

Salto. Jump.

In alto, in lungo, con l'asta. High, long, pole.

Corsa. Running.

Scherma. Fencing.

Tennis. (same)

Calcio. Soccer.

Football americano. Football.

Baseball. (same)

Badminton. (same)

Basket/pallacanestro. Basketball.

Canoa/kayak. Canoe/kayak.

Ciclismo. Cycling.

Ginnastica. Gymnastics. (in everyday Italian the word means "exercise.")

Equitazione. Equestrian/horseback riding.

Sci ("shee"). Skiing.

Discesa, fondo. Downhill, cross-country.

Pattinaggio. Skating.

Pallamano. Handball.

Canottaggio. Rowing.

Vela. Sailing.

Hockey. (same)

Su ghiaccio, su prato. Ice, field.

Pallavolo. Volleyball.

Beach volley. (same)

Pallanuoto. Water polo.

Pesi. Weightlifting.

Tiro. Shooting.

Tiro con l'arco. Archery.

Golf. (same)

Rugby. (same)

Boxe/pugilato. Boxing.

Trampolino. Trampoline.

Lotta libera. Wrestling.

I imagine I've left out someone's favorite sport and that someone may be mildly resentful. Someone should go to the dictionary and look it up.