Wednesday, July 20, 2016

An excellent Italian food blog- Memorie di Angelina

There are so many excellent online resources regarding food and recipes that it isn't really necessary anymore to acquire cookbooks or food magazines. Unless of course it's your thing.

The problem arises (especially with a foreign cuisine) in assessing the value and authenticity of stuff online. Well I'm here to tell you that the well-established blog Memorie di Angelina is the real deal when it comes to Italian cooking. The author (an American) writes in honor of his nonna Angelina who inspired him to great culinary feats. There's an adorable picture of the future lawyer/cook as a baby in the arms of nonna on his About page.

Believe me, I vetted this site, and it was not found lacking. The proof of the budino was not in the eating (alas), but in thoroughly inspecting his post and recipe on carne alla pizzaiola, our favorite at home back in the day as made by my mother (Angelina!), born in Naples. Dude passed with flying colors.

La pizzaiola is a simple dish made with thin steak and tomato and oregano sauce. At home we would mop up the delicious sauce with crusty bread (la scarpetta). No pasta neededYou can find the recipe here.