Monday, December 28, 2015

Got Overdrive?

A few months ago I started using Overdrive, a library-based service which is a kind of free online content provider.  I am now using it regularly and receiving an enormous number of quality books. There is always something interesting or useful on my laptop now. You will find an incredible variety of stuff that is about Italy or relates to the Italian language, but few items that are actually in Italian. Cookbooks, Donna Leon mysteries, language materials (including audio), travel guides, serious non-fiction, fiction classic and otherwise, some movies, and even a comical assortment of romances with names like The Italian cardiologist's mistress (I made that one up.)

No fees and no ads, but you do have to have a library card to a participating library or network. The software leaves much to be desired, but with experience you will be able to find all the material you want. Popular items will be held for you, and they can send an e-mail when your request is available, and automatically place it in your account. Check it out.