Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Uber has been blocked in Italy

Uber is not uber alles, or at least not uber Italy. A judge, in his infinite wisdom, just ruled that UberPop in Italy is illegal because it constitutes concorrenza sleale, or unfair competition (the taxi drivers have to acquire a license, and Uber drivers don't.)

Now, as usual, to try and understand this, you have to apply your faculties of dietrologia, or behindology. The judge in question is in Milan, where the Expo has just begun, generating lots and lots of euros. Which seems to be the entire purpose for its existence. All the peeps who will attend over its six-month run will be needing transportation, and the protectionist taxi drivers want Uber out of the picture. Presto fatto.

Ah, Italians having problems dealing with the 21st century. Hell, Italians haven't come to terms with the 20th century yet. The sharing economy is here to stay. Technology is changing everything even as I speak (or write). At any rate, Uber is appealing in two weeks.