Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Italians unhappy about Happy Meal

McDonald's has come out with an ad showing an Italian family eating at a pizzeria. The waiter asks the bambino what pizza he wants. The wee one answers: Eppy meel! (happy meal) Then the parents whisk the spoiled brat to a Mickey Dees where he beams eppily.

Well, this caused something of an uproar in Italy, and you know something? They're right. This is wrong on so many levels. You let your kid order before you. Although you have already chosen the pizzeria, you immediately leave as soon as your only child expresses his gastronomically-challenged opinion. What they should have said: "You, signorino, will have a pizza margherita and you will like it. After that, we are going straight home where you will study English to prevent further outrages upon the English language such as "eppy"."

I am not ideologically opposed to burgers. Not at all. But a typical Italian pizza is tasty, kids like it, it's part of Italy's heritage, and it's healthier than a hamburger.  McDonald's would do well to withdraw this atrocity and perhaps apologize.