Friday, October 25, 2013

Bertolli makes desserts! Who knew?

We all know Bertolli 'cause of their olive oil and savory stuff. But desserts?

Well, I was in my supermarket last week and espied an enticing package: New! Bertolli tiramisu!

Was it good? Yes it was; you may think they wimped out and didn't go the authentic route, with the alcohol- well, they did. The ingredients include Marsala wine. So there. And you can taste it, too. The only thing is that the portions were small for me, so I partook of both little packages. What can I say. They have produced other probably bodacious desserts, which I will be reviewing on this site. These are cappuccino, chocolate and limoncello goodies. Nom nom nom.
Rest assured that I have no relation with Bertolli, and there is no conflict of interest in my post. This is objectively yummy, but on the small side.