Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More on Zinio giveaway

Yo, peeps. I thought I'd clarify some stuff about the Zinio digital magazine giveaway. It is NOT a raffle or lottery, it's first come first served (or as the Italians would have it, chi prima arriva meglio alloggia). So as soon as you send in your request, you are guaranteed to get a subscription. There are only half the number remaining, so hurry. Not only that, but the sooner we get the names in, the sooner we'll get our subscriptions. Chi esita e' perduto.

For a better idea of what's available in Italian, go to the Italian version of Zinio's site, here. There is plenty of stuff, including Oggi, Gente, Amica, Focus Storia, Dove, women's magazines, house and gardening...

Update. As of 4:15 Eastern Time i.e., New York time, the last e-mail was received claiming a Zinio subscription. Ten subscriptions (including me!) have been won. Tomorrow I will send the info to Zinio, and then pass on to you instructions on how to claim your prize, via e-mail. Congrats and buona lettura.