Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Italian books and Amazon

Since I last wrote about e-books in Italian, over a year ago, much has changed and there have been some bodacious improvements.

I was hankering to read Edoardo Nesi's Story of my people yesterday. It's about the changes effected by globalization and mobility of labor (something of a euphemism) upon the town of Prato, near Florence, and in particular upon the Nesi family. Well, I thought I'd break down and buy it on Kindle in English due to the difficulty of getting it in the original. But to my surprise it was available in Italian! On! There are lots and lots of books in Italian on Amazon now, including through Kindle. So I got it immediately and read it in one sitting. I can already see where this is going. A steady emorragia of my conto in banca. Not to mention becoming a fat, Wall-E type americana who never leaves the casa. At least I'm not playing Candy Crush Saga.

A funny thing though. The original book costs significantly more on Kindle than the translation, which is kind of counter-intuitive. Amazon coyly notes that prices are set by the publisher (read: don't blame us).

By the way, in case you didn't know- you don't have to have a Kindle device to get Kindle stuff. Just download the free app for your device (see the Amazon site).

Coming up: I review Nesi's book and a bunch of other things I'll be getting.