Monday, June 11, 2012

The names of herbs in Italian

Herbs (erbe aromatiche, or simply, erbe) are big in Italian cuisine, and I love them. I've been cultivating them for years, and you should, too.

Here is a list of the names of major herbs in Italian:

Prezzemolo- parsley. Extremely common. The default in Italy is flat-leaf, which is the only kind I use.

Basilico- basil.

Rosmarino- rosemary.

Salvia- sage.

Origano- oregano.

Maggiorana- marjoram.

Timo- thyme.

Erba cipollina- chives.

Dragoncello/estragone- tarragon.

Menta- mint.

Lauro (Laurus nobilis), alloro- bay.

Zafferano- saffron. Technically a spice.

Aneto- dill. Unusual in Italian cooking.

Coriandolo- cilantro, coriander (leaves). Also uncommon.

A very good site dedicated to herbs and cooking with herbs is Erbe in cucina. It's been around five years, is in Italian and English, and includes growing, cooking and storing info. She also covers hot peppers (peperoncino) and tomatoes. Check it out. (in the picture, bay)