Monday, June 4, 2012

Beppe Severgnini does the States (again)

Well-known Italian writer and journalist Beppe Severgnini, who works for the Corriere della Sera and formerly worked for The Economist, is involved starting today in a coast-to-coast tour by train of the United States, from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon. He is known for many books and articles dealing with cultural differences between Italy and the English-speaking countries.

Beppe and his sidekick, a German named Karl Hoffman who resides in Italy, should be in Maine right about now, getting a taste of our most characteristic New England feature: not seafood, not history, not autumn foliage or quaint architecture- bad weather. It's rainy, chilly and windy. He'll take it in stride.

Follow him on the trip's videoblog here.

Update, 6/6/12. I've been following this a few days and it's unbelievably lame. If this is all he can do with Portland Maine and Boston Massachusetts, two of the most interesting places in the US,  I don't even want to know what he'll show for the rest of the country. I've seen much better amateur videos on YouTube. Skip it.