Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Volevo un gatto nero, nero, nero!

This post is dedicated to little Raven, a cool black cat and feline friend who passed away on Monday. By the bye, people who are superstitious about black cats or mistreat them should be ashamed of themselves.

Here is a famous Italian children's song about a little girl (who is singing the song) who wanted a black cat but got a white one instead. In the lyrics, she says that she had made a deal with a little friend. She would give him some improbable animal and he would give her a black cat. When he gave her the white cat, she pulled out of the deal. However, in the end, she kept the white cat and the other kid got nothing (among other things, she had promised him an Indian elephant with a canopy she just happened to have in her back yard). She also calls him a liar and says she'll never play with him again. Starting early to be
furba (sly, cunning). She is also indignant at his behavior, as you can see from the original tape of the Zecchino D'Oro (children's singing contest).

Lyrics in Italian and English can be found here.