Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Word(s) of the week- il pesce, la pesca

Confusing words, both food-related.

La pesca (see left), is a peach, that is the fruit. Il pesce (masculine noun) is fish. To further confuse matters, the noun la pesca can also refer to fishing. And il pesco is the peach tree. Got that?

Let's see some examples.

Mi piacciono le pesche.

I like peaches.

Mi piace la pesca.

I like fishing.

Che bella pesca!

What a beautiful peach!

Andiamo a mangiare il pesce.

We're going to eat/let's go eat some fish.

Adoro il pesce.

I love fish.

Adoro le pesche.

I love peaches.

Che belli i peschi in fiore!

Blossoming peach trees are so beautiful!