Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sylvester and Tweety go to Venice

And now for something frivolous.

Everyone aspires to go to Venice at least once, and that includes birds and cats. Here we have world-famous Tweety bird and his enemy, Sylvester the cat, in that beautiful city.

Of course the Italians know all about our popular American culture, and that includes adorable Tweety and his wannabe nemesis. They call them Titti (don't snicker) and Silvestro.

Here we have the immortal pair in Venice. Tweety is his American self (with Granny, of course), but Sylvester is Italian. In the upper video, the original, you see Tweety singing Santa Lucia in a competent way (birds will sing). Italian Sylvester plots against him, as usual, and loses, as usual.

In the lower video, the Italian version, you see that instead of strictly translating they have re-interpreted. Italian Silvestro thinks that Tweety must be American since he is singing a Neapolitan song in Venice. He also thinks the little bird will go well with polenta, according to the local (now illegal) dish poenta e osei. Later Silvestro reluctantly admits that Venice is Italian after all, and as an Italian cat he should of course be eating spaghetti. He tries to lasso Tweety with a string of spaghetti- but of course Granny comes to the rescue.

Sooooo cute.