Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cideb- excellent foreign language materials

If I were a student of foreign languages, I would certainly make a small investment in the materials put out by this small, specialized Italian publisher, Cideb.

Of special interest are their series of graded readers (see one in the inset). Graded readers are very useful tools for those who are trying to master a language. They are specially composed in what is known as controlled language, which is appropriate to a certain skill level in terms of vocabulary and grammar. You start at your own level, then read as many little books as you like, then proceed to the next level, and so on. The aim is to get you to the top level, after which, like a little bird kicked out of the nest to fend for itself, you can attempt to read the natural language.

Cideb readers are very well-made, including their physical and graphic aspect. They come with an audio CD of the text, spoken by native speakers, including sound effects. There is a complete range of interesting exercises and activities to accompany the story. The prices are reasonable.

Materials are available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Disclosure- I have no relation with the purveyors of any product or service reviewed on this blog, including the above products.