Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diario di una studentessa matta sucks

In order to consolidate my reputation as a crusty curmudgeon, I'd like to trash a rather popular blog by one Melissa Muldoon, called Diario di una studentessa matta, which is also dedicated to Italy.

The Melissa in question writes adequately for an Italian learner but should not be writing in Italian for the public where many non-Italians will think that this will help their Italian. Her posts are chock full of errors. There is no reason for people to use this as a resource to improve their Italian when there are so many other valid materials, online and offline. I love the Internet, but this is the kind of thing that gives it a bad name for some- no reputable publisher would publish her as a writer of Italian.

I also intensely dislike her starry-eyed, phony view of Italy, which, again, is a disservice to those who would really like to be informed about the country. Italy, and the rest of the world, are not Disneyland. Oh, and that brings to mind the execrable Elizabeth Gilbert and her Eat Pray Love, an exemplification of the American female who thinks the world is just another consumer product for her enjoyment.

I'm so turned off by this that I've decided to remove from my sidebar the logo from an award I received that Muldoon also received, as it is apparently not credible.