Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Prosecco for New Year's

Ernest Hemingway called himself "an old Veneto boy," and I'm certainly an old Veneto girl. However far away I am, I remain partial to the region, its food and its wine.

I therefore recommend, in these times of never-ending recession, breaking out a Prosecco instead of that French sparkling wine (what's it called? I can't remember, but it costs a lot more). I know I will. If you can find it, impress one and all by serving Cartizze, the King of Prosecco. Impress them even more by showing off your pronunciation of its production area,"Conegliano Valdobbiadene"- Coe-nel-LYAH-noe Val-doeb-BYAH-deh-neh. You may want to try something different for the occasion: a rose' prosecco.

Find out more about Prosecco from the Italian site dedicated to it here (in English).