Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Candida Martinelli's Italian site

Italophiles is a site on Italy that has been around for many years. While it is (also) commercial in nature and heavily monetized, there is lots and lots of interesting material of all sorts for those who are fascinated by Italy. And if you read my blog, that means you.

The site is not a blog, and therefore is not disposed in chronological order. It has a central column filled with graphics (and sales pitches). Right now she is featuring a variety of Christmas things, including some pretty, traditional Italian Christmas cards. But for me at least, the interesting stuff is on either side of the central column. There is a rich variety of topics of all kinds, from music, to a children's area, to art, history, literature and food. Check it out.

(in the picture, an example of an old cartolina di Natale)