Thursday, October 28, 2010

Test and improve your Italian vocabulary online

You can test and improve your Italian vocabulary online for free, and do some good while you're at it. The site Free Rice is based on an original idea whereby you take quizzes in various subjects and your points (correct answers) earn grains of rice to be donated to the poor, worldwide. It is a non-profit run by the United Nations World Food Programme in partnership with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society of Harvard University. Although I'm not sure why they have the suffix .com if they're a non-profit.

Anyway, one of their subjects is Language Learning, and it includes a section for Italian (vocabulary). There are ten levels, and the software features repetition and correction (if you get something wrong, it will correct you and ask you again later).
I accumulated over 4000 grains in a short sitting, reaching a level 52/60 in English vocabulary, a 10/10 in Italian, and an 8/10 in Art/Famous Paintings.

It also features social networking functions, and both individuals and groups can participate. Check it out. You'll find the green widget on the right sidebar of this page, so you can play whenever you log on to my site.