Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Buitoni Shrimp and lobster ravioli- a review

I was so looking forward to this. I passed it up a number of times, with a considerable effort, both because at the time I was dieting and it was rather expensive, as frozen foods go. I finally broke down when it was discounted at my local Shaw's. Should have known from the pretentious "riserva" on the label that something was amiss.

It was on sale for a few dollars off. It contained two smallish portions of the ravioli, which in themselves were more than satisfactory. It was the big fat pouch of butter and garlic sauce that ruined it. First of all, there was too much, so that if you actually used it all as instructed the poor pasta would have drowned in fat. But mostly it was the overpowering flavor of raw garlic, that stayed with me very unpleasantly long after I had polished off the ravioli.

It's strange that an Italian company with a long tradition in the food industry would make such a bad mistake. They might consider offering it sans sauce, with indications on the package to make your topping by sauteeing and removing fresh garlic in butter and/or olive oil. The price would be lower, too.