Friday, April 23, 2010

The Italian Made site

There are oodles of Italian recipes and food writing on the Web and elsewhere. The problem is that most of the best and most authentic stuff is in Italian, written for Italians.

Now here is a site about Italian food and wine that comes to you from the horse's mouth. It's from a part of the Italian Government called the Italian Trade Commission, and a large part of its mission is to promote and safeguard real Italian gastronomy.

The Italian Made site is unusually rich and useful, as good as any expensive book you might buy. Probably more, as in its Library section it includes entire e-books for you to download, free of cost. It features authoritative folk such as wine expert Burton Anderson, who has lived in Tuscany for decades (beato lui.) The recipe section is very extensive, and is based on regional fare as eaten in Italy. There is also a glossary with very many terms, some of which you won't easily find elsewhere, and a fun quiz section to test your knowledge.

This is a must for lovers of real Italian food and wine. Check it out, you might even want to bookmark it.

(in the photo, the Monferrato area of Piedmont)