Monday, April 19, 2010


Just think how pissed off the Italians must be that with two of the most famous volcanoes ever, Etna and Vesuvius, they have to put up with the bad behavior of this faraway Icelandic upstart, whose ash is now clogging the airspace of North-Central Italy as far south as Pisa and Florence.

I've been a Scandinavian buff since becoming smitten with the work of Ingmar Bergman as a mere whippersnapper, but now they've gone too far. Nobody can pronounce its name, I had to copy and paste the spelling from Wikipedia just to be sure, and nobody knows when it's going to calm down and stop spewing ashes all over the damn place.

Not the best time to fly into Italy. Keep a close watch on whatchamacallit.

Update, 4/20/10- as of this writing, the skies of Northern Italy are ashless enough to fly around in. But no one knows what the unfortunately-named volcano will do next. The Icelanders, instead of apologizing as they should and making it behave, are making fun of people's pronunciation of the unspeakable troublemaker.

'nother update, 4/20/10- the New York Times comes to our aid and informs us that what is euphemistically being referred to as the "Iceland volcano" should be pronounced something like "Hey, ya fergot La Yogurt," showing why it is the world's most authoritative newspaper.