Monday, February 1, 2010

Much ado about McItaly

The McItaly sandwich hasn't been out long and has already met with significant criticism, as in this really stupid article from the predictable British daily The Guardian.

For those who don't know, McDonald's Italy has decided to come out with a new hamburger that is made with pane all'olio (crusty bread with olive oil in the dough), real Asiago cheese, Italian-only beef, and, get this, artichoke pate'. Hell, if I could get one for lunch today, I would.

But noooooo, the food snobs (who, if you ask me, need a swift kick in the ass), have decreed that this is an abomination. Why?

The Italians have had McDonald's for some time. Sometimes they are located in prominent, historic places like the Galleria in Milan (my mother's hometown). There is nothing evil about red meat, fried foods, or even fast food. The French, for example have red meat and fries rather often. And they go to McDonald's more than the Italians (they call it McDo). But they (and the Italians) look better than us and have better health, on the average. Moderation and variety are the key.

If you want to take a virtual sample of McDonald's Italianized food, go to this Italian-only site.