Monday, November 2, 2009

Word of the week- mica

Here's a little word that packs a punch. Usually found in colloquial speech, mica has nothing to do with the minerals. It is used as a stronger negative (along with non), as a negative on its own, and sometimes to express a weak doubt, verging on the negative. It also has the function of contradicting what was previously said or implied, like the French si used instead of oui.

Mica facile la vita.

Life sure ain't easy.

Non sono mica tua madre.

I'm not your mother, you know.

Non gli hai mica detto il nostro segreto?

You didn't tell him our secret, did you?

Mica e' scemo.

He's no fool. [after someone has said or implied that he might possibly be one].

Non sono mica pieno di soldi.

I'm not rich, you know. [could be said to deny request for money]

Mica e' Parigi.

This is not Paris. [said to explain why a place is boring/limited/small/ugly/unromantic]

Mica e' facile parlare perfettamente l'italiano.

It's not easy to speak Italian perfectly. [use this after you have made a series of mistakes and are being criticized and laughed at]