Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Test your Italian subjunctive

I've written quite a bit on the subjunctive, which you can find by using the search function on the right sidebar.
Here is a test/exercise for you. Note that not all sentences will actually have a subjunctive. Thus, this is both an exercise on usage and form. Not all subjunctives will be in the present tense.

Answers will be given tomorrow. Or maybe Friday, in accordance with Mark Twain's wise dictum: never put off till tomorrow what you can put off until the day after tomorrow. The solution will appear at the end of this post, as an update.

Translate into Italian:

1. I think the baby's hungry.

2. I thought the baby was hungry, but actually she has a stomach ache.

3. I'm sorry that he hates the subjunctive, but he has to learn it anyway.

4. I think I'll go to New York Saturday, unless it rains.

5. It seems to me that he should pay the bill.

6. If I had had the money, I would have gone to the concert.

7. If he had been nicer, I would have enjoyed the party more.

8. Who's that at the door? /It's Giovanni.

9. Who's that at the door? /I think it's Paolo.

10. It's very important that Maria like Corrado.

11. He thinks he's more important than he really is.

12. Whether he comes or not, I don't give a damn.

13. I don't give a damn if he doesn't come.

14. It's better not to spoil kids so that they don't become impossible.

15. I think it's snowing. No, it's raining.

Update, 11/12/09. OK, here's the solution. Subjunctives are bolded.
1. Credo che la bambina abbia fame.
2. Pensavo che la bambina avesse fame, invece ha mal di pancia.
3. Mi dispiace che lui odi il congiuntivo, ma lo deve comunque imparare.
4. Credo che andro' a New York sabato, a meno che non piova.
5. Secondo me dovrebbe pagarlo lui il conto.
6. Se avessi avuto i soldi, sarei andato al concerto.
7. Se fosse stato piu' gentile, avrei goduto di piu' la festa.
8. Chi e' alla porta? E' Giovanni.
9. Chi e' alla porta? Credo che sia Paolo.
10. E' molto importante che Corrado piaccia a Maria.
11. Crede di essere piu' importante di quanto non lo sia realmente.
12. Che venga o no, non me ne frega niente.
13. Non me ne frega niente se non viene.
14. E' meglio non viziare i bambini perche' non diventino impossibili.
15. Credo che nevichi. No, piove.